Shoulder injuries - 21st Oct 2015

Shoulder injuries Shoulder Injuries are one of the most debilitating injuries your can sustain. Over the next month we will be putting some articles up on our website regarding the shoulder and some of the more common shoulder injuries. You will be able to to find out basic facts regarding shoulder injuries, along with some strapping techniques and common exercises used in treating these injuries. 

At Roslyn Physio we regard shoulder problems as an interesting challenge and believe we are very good at resolving shoulder pain. We will first help you by diagnosing the problem, and will then provide a prognosis so you have clear time frame for probable recovery.

We will then treat utilising hands on physiotherapy, including joint mobilisation and exercise therapy to resolve any stiffness, weakness or movement pattern problems that may be causing your pain. Should you require further investigations such as an x-ray or an ultrasound scan to ascertain the severity of your injury, we are able to refer you for these.

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