Where do I park? 

Located at 287 Highgate as part of the Roslyn Village, we have  labelled parking available behind the building. The parks are located up the ramp next to Rhubarb Café on Highgate. Alternatively, City Road and Highgate do have limited parking available. (Please take note of parking times).  You are also able to park in the Fresh Choice supermarket if all other options are unavailable. 


Do I have to have a referral to come to Physio?

No, you do not have to have a referral from a doctor or specialist. You can self refer and make an appointment with us.


Do I need to have my ACC claim number for my appointment?

No, however if you have already completed an ACC form then bring a copy with you along with any paperwork you may have relating to your injury. We are ACC accredited and can lodge a claim if needed. 


Will my appointment cost?

Roslyn Physio is an ACC accredited practice through BSI and is able to initiate an ACC claim for your injury. There is a co-payment payable with all ACC treatments. All appointments fees are based on 30 minute appointments. Longer appointment times will be charged appropriately. 
There is a reduced fee for students with ID. Tape, braces, exercise bands etc. are additional to the consultation charge.

ACC appointment charges are $35 per session. $30 for students. 


What if my appointment is not ACC?

We are still able to see you for an appointment at the private consultation rate. 

Private consultation rates are $80 per session. 


How do I pay for my appointment?

Accounts are to be settled on the day of treatment unless prior approval is obtained.

EFTPOS and major credit cards are accepted. PayWave is available.


How can I make an appointment?

You can either ring us on 03 477 1744 and talk to one of our friendly staff or make an appointment through our online booking portal.