Wry Neck/Torticolis - 11th Jun 2015

Wry Neck/Torticolis Acquired Torticollis or 'wry neck' is a condition that is self-limiting and is commonly felt as a stiff neck. It normally resolves within 1-4 weeks, and is commonly felt upon waking in the morning. Unusual postures, colds, stress, and sleeping in different beds are sometimes implicated. Often, the stiffness in motion is towards one side, and there is a feeling of muscle spasm throughout one side of the neck. Common muscles involved include the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles.

Physiotherapy can help immensely with this condition, by applying joint mobilisation, massage, and exercise therapy techniques. The application of heat is also very commonly used in treating this condition.

Recurrent episodes of a wry neck, may suggest an underlying instability. Quite often large muscles that move the neck become overactive, and small stabilising muscles do not fire when they are supposed to. This can result in unwanted motion at certain joints of the cervical spine and a resultant joint strain. Biomechanical assessment by a physiotherapist can help restore normal muscle balance to the cervical spine, and reduce the occurrence of this annoying condition.

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