Desk Setup in #lockdown - 16th Apr 2020

Desk Setup in #lockdown

Have you set up a home work-station while in lockdown? Are you suffering from postural related head, neck, shoulder or back pain?
Check out this list of pointers from Natalie for your home desk setup and watch this space over the next couple of days for some more hot tips to prevent postural related pain.

Here are 10 criteria to consider for an optimal and ergonomic workstation adjustment (setting):

  1. Shoulders relaxed
  2. Arms close to the body (trunk) and elbows at approximately 90°
  3. Forearms resting on armrest or on the working surface
  4. Wrists in neutral position and hands aligned with forearms
  5. Bum at the back of the chair, back straight with the lower portion of the back pressing against the chair back (or resting on it for support)
  6. Thighs parallel to the floor
  7. Clearance corresponding to the width of 2 or 3 fingers between the back of the knees and the seat of the chair
  8. Feet resting on the floor or on a footrest (ankles at 90°)
  9. Eye-screen distance corresponding to one arm's length or a minimal distance of 60 cm (19 inches)
  10. Head up and eyes looking forward most of the time at the upper portion of the screen (the upper
    1/3 of the screen)

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