Top 5 Postural Exercises - 17th Apr 2020

Here are Roslyn Physio's top 5 exercises for prevention of postural related pain. Check them out!!

1. Cervical Retraction

Stand or sit tall. 
Focus on an object at eye level while you slowly move your head back over your shoulder and tuck your chin in. Guide the movement with your hand on your chin. Make sure you do not tilt your head up or down in the process. 
Return to initial position and repeat. 

2. Lower Traps in prone

Activate core. 
Squeeze shoulder blades down and back towards opposite back pocket Lift your hands to your side. Turn your palms face down. Hold 10-15secs. Reverse order to relax. Repeat x5 
Add a small 0.5-1kg hand weight if this is too easy  

3. Wall Slide

Stand with your back against a wall and your feet shoulder-width apart about 15 centimeters from the wall. Pull your navel in and tuck in your buttock to press the lower part of your back against the wall.  
Once you can keep your back flat and breathe normally, try to push your shoulders back against the wall. Begin to raise your arms gradually and bring your upper arm parallel to the ground and elbow at 90 degrees, holding for a few moments, still keeping your back flat against the wall.  
Do not cheat by extending your wrists towards the wall. 

4. Pectoralis (Chest) Stretch

Stand in a wall corner and place one arm on each wall, facing the corner. 
With your elbows bent to 90 degrees, move forward into the corner of the wall until you feel a comfortable stretch in the pectorals. 
Hold the stretch for the recommended time. 

5. Scapula Retraction

Clasp your hands in front of you. 
Squeeze your shoulder blades back and down towards your spine. 

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