COVID Level 2 - 12th-14th August - 11th Aug 2020

How Roslyn Physio operates during COVID-19 Level 2

Now that Dunedin has been told to enter alert Level 2 again, we would like to remind you of how this will affect your access to physiotherapy services at the  Roslyn Physiotherapy Clinic. Roslyn Physiotherapy will remain open for face-to-face consultations.  As always we are able to offer Telehealth consultations for those who do not wish to attend their appointments. Our reception area seating will be spaced out to follow the 1m social distancing rules.

To ensure everyone's safety during Level 2 we will put in place our 5-Step plan within the clinic. 

  • Step 1 – You will be asked 2 questions when making your appointment to ensure you do not have any current symptoms of COVID-19 and to ensure you have not been in contact with anyone over the past two weeks with symptoms of COVID-19. If you have - we can still treat you using Telehealth. You will be asked these questions again on arrival at the clinic to ensure your situation has not changed. 
  • Step 2 – There will be hand sanitiser to use on entering the clinic. 
  • Step 3 – You will be required to complete contact tracing on entry. 
    • We are using the Government Tracing App that enables you to scan a QR code on entry. 
    • Our appointment book also acts as a contract tracing register.
    • All people entering must complete this including support people and children.
  • Step 4 – Maintain social distancing of 1m within the clinic at all times. 
  • Step 5 – Complete contact tracing and hand sanitation as in Step 2 and 3 on exiting the clinic. 
If you have a pre-existing medical condition, or you are over the age of 70, we can still see you in the clinic but your treating physiotherapist will be required to wear a mask during any contact of closer than 1m. 

If you, or anyone you know suffers an injury over the Level 2 period. This what you need to do:

  1. Ring Roslyn Physio on (03) 4771744. The other option is emailing us on or visiting our website.
  2. If the injury is the result of an accident then it may be covered by ACC. We can do all of the paperwork online and get this underway before your appointment. 
  3. Normal clinic surcharges apply to face-to-face and Telehealth consultations.
Please remember to stay safe and live by the Level 2 rules as this will ensure we are through this again. 

Top 5 Postural Exercises - 17th Apr 2020

Here are Roslyn Physio's top 5 exercises for prevention of postural related pain. Check them out!!

1. Cervical Retraction

Stand or sit tall. 
Focus on an object at eye level while you slowly move your head back over your shoulder and tuck your chin in. Guide the movement with your hand on your chin. Make sure you do not tilt your head up or down in the process. 
Return to initial position and repeat. 

2. Lower Traps in prone

Activate core. 
Squeeze shoulder blades down and back towards opposite back pocket Lift your hands to your side. Turn your palms face down. Hold 10-15secs. Reverse order to relax. Repeat x5 
Add a small 0.5-1kg hand weight if this is too easy  

3. Wall Slide

Stand with your back against a wall and your feet shoulder-width apart about 15 centimeters from the wall. Pull your navel in and tuck in your buttock to press the lower part of your back against the wall.  
Once you can keep your back flat and breathe normally, try to push your shoulders back against the wall. Begin to raise your arms gradually and bring your upper arm parallel to the ground and elbow at 90 degrees, holding for a few moments, still keeping your back flat against the wall.  
Do not cheat by extending your wrists towards the wall. 

4. Pectoralis (Chest) Stretch

Stand in a wall corner and place one arm on each wall, facing the corner. 
With your elbows bent to 90 degrees, move forward into the corner of the wall until you feel a comfortable stretch in the pectorals. 
Hold the stretch for the recommended time. 

5. Scapula Retraction

Clasp your hands in front of you. 
Squeeze your shoulder blades back and down towards your spine. 

Desk Setup in #lockdown - 16th Apr 2020

Desk Setup in #lockdown

Have you set up a home work-station while in lockdown? Are you suffering from postural related head, neck, shoulder or back pain?
Check out this list of pointers from Natalie for your home desk setup and watch this space over the next couple of days for some more hot tips to prevent postural related pain.

Here are 10 criteria to consider for an optimal and ergonomic workstation adjustment (setting):

  1. Shoulders relaxed
  2. Arms close to the body (trunk) and elbows at approximately 90°
  3. Forearms resting on armrest or on the working surface
  4. Wrists in neutral position and hands aligned with forearms
  5. Bum at the back of the chair, back straight with the lower portion of the back pressing against the chair back (or resting on it for support)
  6. Thighs parallel to the floor
  7. Clearance corresponding to the width of 2 or 3 fingers between the back of the knees and the seat of the chair
  8. Feet resting on the floor or on a footrest (ankles at 90°)
  9. Eye-screen distance corresponding to one arm's length or a minimal distance of 60 cm (19 inches)
  10. Head up and eyes looking forward most of the time at the upper portion of the screen (the upper
    1/3 of the screen)

COVID Information for Roslyn Physio Clients - 24th Mar 2020

How COVID-19 will affect your access to Roslyn Physiotherapy.

Now that New Zealand has been told to enter alert Level 4, we would like to inform you of how this will affect your access to physiotherapy services at Roslyn Physiotherapy Clinic

With Roslyn Physiotherapy not being deemed an essential health service we will be forced to close while the nation is in alert level 4.

Not all is lost though!! During this period of lock down we are able to offer a virtual service. WE ARE ABLE TO ASSESS NEW INJURIES USING TELEHEALTH. We will also be contacting our current clients to ensure they have a treatment plan. We expect all patients who had existing physiotherapy appointments to be contacted by the end of this week. We are just in the throws of making sure our team has the IT support to enable this to happen. 

If you, or anyone you know suffers an injury over the lockdown period. This what you need to do:

  1. Ring Roslyn Physio on (03) 4771744, leave a message, and a physiotherapist will be in contact as soon as possible. Normally within 24 hours. The other option is emailing us on or visiting our website.
  2.  The physiotherapist will talk to you and if appropriate will suggest a Telehealth consultation. This is done via Zoom which is an easy application to use on any device including smart phones, tablets and computers. 
  3. If the injury is as result of an accident then it may be covered by ACC. We can do all of the paperwork online and get this lodged with ACC. 
  4. If your consultation is covered by ACC there we will not be surcharge for the Telehealth service. If your injury is not covered by ACC there will be a charge of $30 for this service. 

Southern Steel take down the Magic - 17th May 2018

Southern Steel take down the Magic - An amazing effort from the Southern Steel last night saw them overcome the onslaught from the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic in the ANZ netball league. Some of the young starts in the team had to stand up, and they did. Great shooting from TP and Olivia in the final 1/4 sealed the game. Roslyn Physio was present on the sidelines - but this time in the corporate dining area enjoying some drinks and nibbles throughout the game. Thanks to the Southern Steel for the hospitality.

Dunedin Premier Netball - 5th Mar 2018

Dunedin Premier Netball

No ACC Co-payment for Dunedin Premier Netball Players

With the netball season about to underway, Roslyn Physio would like to remind all Dunedin Netball premier players that they can come and see us for injury treatment without paying a ACC co-payment. Roslyn Physio has a dedicated team of physiotherapists with vast experience when it comes to netball injuries.

Director Brett Woodley is the current Southern Steel Beko Netball league physiotherapist and was Silver Ferns Physiotherapist in 2016-17. He is also the High Performance New Zealand provider to netball in Dunedin. 

Roslyn physio is also able to provide taping supplies at competitive rates to ensure you are able to help prevent injury. 


Chronic Heel Pain - 2nd Nov 2017

Chronic Heel Pain Heel pain, or as it is officially known chronic plantar heel pain (CPHP) is usually a change in the nature of the tissue within the sole of your foot, attaching to your heel bone called the plantar fascia. This structure acts as a strong guide wire between the heel and the big toe as you move through your foot during walking and running.

Check out an indepth article on heel pain, including some basic sexercises to get your going by clicking here.

Advice for Starting an Exercise Programme Safely - 26th Sep 2017

Advice for Starting an Exercise Programme Safely

Begin exercise Safely.

Check out this article from Brett one of our physiotherapists about starting an exercise programme safely by clicking here. The article takes you through the important things to consider when beginning exercise. A great read. Enjoy your training!


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