Kinesio Tape (K-Tape)

Kinesio Tape (K-Tape) Kinesio tape is a lightweight strapping tape designed to stretch in length only and not width. This allows the tape to be applied along muscles, ligaments, and tendons and provides support by enhancing neuromuscular feedback (also known as proprioception) to the region. This in turn can inhibit or facilitate firing of muscles to help support a certain joint or muscle group.

Kinesio tape is durable, waterproof, and of low irritability allowing it to be worn during hard workouts, pool sessions and also in the shower. It is normal to be able to wear it for up to 5 days without any itching or irritation of the skin.

Kinesio tape comes in different colours (blue, black, pink and beige) and is available in 5m rolls.

$13 per 5m roll


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