Medipore and Foam Underwrap

Medipore and Foam Underwrap Medipore is a hypoallergenic, latex-free tape that is used underneath strapping tape to help reduce skin irritation. It comes in an easy-tear perforated roll and is water resistant. It should be used under taping when repeat applications are required, such as in a tournament situation. The tape itself has excellent breathability and high adhesion.

Foam Underwrap is a flexible, porous product that can be applied underneath strapping tape. This helps reduce friction on the skin caused by tape adhesion and is again great in a tournament situation or in the acute stages of injury. It is also good for securing shin guards in football and ice-packs when ice therapy is needed.

Medipore H 5cm x 9.1m $12.00
Foam Underwrap 7cm x 27m $6.70


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